Nickel-Iron and Cobalt-Iron Laminations
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Ring Cores
GFCI and ALCI ring cores
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Tape wound cores
Grain Oriented Silicon Steel, Nickel-Iron, Cobalt-Iron, Nanocrystalline and Amorphous
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Cut cores
Grain Oriented Silicon Steel,
Nickel-Iron, Cobalt-Iron, Nanocrystalline and Amorphous
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Contract Manufacturing
Toroidal and bobbin winding of magnet wire, automatic pin insertion and other assembly procedures
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Prototypes and Special Components
Laser Cut (Loose laminations and Welded cores) and
Chemi-Etched laminations
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Precision progressive carbide dies
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Interlocking dies for electric motors and other electro-magnetic devices.

These include:


Pioneered and patented by L.H. Industries in the '80s, Autolok made the automatic interlocking of rotor and stator laminations a practical process in the real world of imperfect coil stock. T he principles of Autolok - dynamic adjustment of the incremental skew angle and rotation of the stack to compensate for stock gamma - revolutionised lamination stamping.  Over the years, Autolok has found favour all over the world and has become a motor industry standard.


Lamination dies are the speciality of LH Carbide. Around the world, they are renowned for innovative engineering and design.  In fact, both customers and competitors rely on the technology and concepts that they have pioneered.  For dies that perform smoothly and produce products to exact requirements. For dependable tooling designed for long life, hassle-free performance, and ease of maintenance, there's only one name: L.H. Carbide.


Pioneered and patented by L.H. Industries in 1999, Varilok grew as an extension of AutolokTM techniques, giving design engineers unprecedented control of laminated stack geometry in the Z axis, and allowing them to specify complex 3D geometric shapes for electromagnetic cores. This revolutionary lamination stamping, collating, and interlocking technology easily manages varying lamination sizes and shapes within the die, providing production efficiencies and exacting manufacturing accuracy for enhanced product performance.   It also allows simultaneous production of multiple cores: 2-out, and even 4-out


For over 20 years L.H. Carbide has designed, built, and produced lamination and non-lamination precision progressive dies for a variety of industries.  From basic to highly complex configurations, small to massive in size, L.H. Carbide offers unparalleled accuracy with single-source responsibility.  You'll benefit from their in-house control of the entire die-building process - from engineering to final inspecting - including simulating actual production conditions and proving the die at their facility prior to delivery.


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