Nickel-Iron and Cobalt-Iron Laminations
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Ring Cores
GFCI and ALCI ring cores
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Tape wound cores
Grain Oriented Silicon Steel, Nickel-Iron, Cobalt-Iron, Nanocrystalline and Amorphous
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Cut cores
Grain Oriented Silicon Steel,
Nickel-Iron, Cobalt-Iron, Nanocrystalline and Amorphous
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Contract Manufacturing
Toroidal and bobbin winding of magnet wire, automatic pin insertion and other assembly procedures
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Prototypes and Special Components
Laser Cut (Loose laminations and Welded cores) and
Chemi-Etched laminations
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Precision progressive carbide dies
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L&H components ltd

Distributors of magnetic components, assemblies and tooling

L&H components ltd supplies magnetic components produced by some of the most technologically advanced lamination, wound core, and tooling companies to ensure that they exceed the exacting standards of all customers.  This is backed up by many years of technical expertise in the industry which ensures that the customer is given the support to provide the most effective solution and resolve any queries immediately.

In addition L&H Components Ltd can produce a range of prototype laminations or small volumes or replacement laminations to the customer’s specifications including:

  • Laser cut laminations – loose and welded into cores

  • Etched laminations – loose

  • Tooled specials

  • Hand assembled cores

Magnetic Metals Corporation

L&H components ltd are the exclusive European distributors for Magnetic Metals Corporation. Magnetic Metals provides materials, components and assemblies, precision transformer and motor laminations in NiFe and CoFe steels, toroidal and cut cores, DG (distributed gap cores), GFCI, ALCI, arc detection and advanced assembled products are available in standard and special shapes.

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LH Industries

L&H components ltd are the European agents for LH Industries.  For over 40 years, L.H. Carbide has led the industry with innovative products and services, providing cutting-edge solutions for customers’ needs.

These include:

  • Autolok™

  • Varilok™

  • Lamination

  • Progressive

  • Rebuild

>> more information at LH Industries website


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